A Rude Awakening & A Sandboarding Fail

It's about 15 hours from Foz Do Iguaçu to Florianópolis so I hopped onto the bus and took my seat, locked my bag and secured it to something that didn't move then snuggled down with my pillow for a nice sleep. I don't know how long I was out for before I was woken up [...]

Argentina Has The Falls, Brazil Has The Views

Well goodbye then budget, it was nice knowing you. I only got to Brazil three days ago and already I've managed to cane over R$300 (reais) which is about £110. Then again I did get to the national park and promptly hand over R$180 for a helicopter ride over the falls or Cataratas Do Iguaçu [...]

I Just Really Like Rainbows

You know when you have a puppy and you've left the puppy all day to go to work and you come home and open the door and the puppy is waiting for you and it's really excited and it's trying its hardest to contain its excitement but it doesn't know what to do with itself [...]

Taking The Show On The Road

Ah my very first bus ride in South America and shit, do Argentina know how to lay on a bus ride. They have five comfort levels ranging from your basic common or garden bus right up to fully reclining seats that'd have Qantas' best first class efforts hanging their heads in shame. I opted for [...]

Buenos Aires In A Damn Fine Tasting Nutshell

I've been staying in Argentina's capital for three weeks on account of the fact I've been waiting for mail to arrive. I am now bored of waiting for mail to arrive so I'm outta here tomorrow but here are a few things I've been up to in Buenos Aires aside from sitting on the roof [...]