Camels, Fairs And Special Water

Pushkar is a holy town. Really holy. In fact it's so fucking holy not only is meat forbidden, so are eggs. And booze. Like, they're illegal here. It's one of those places that people tend to get stuck buuuuut I dunno. Rishikesh, yeah, I get it. Bundi too. But Pushkar? There's not really anything to [...]

All Of The Jaipurness

Travelling alone is a bit of a ball ache sometimes in that everything costs a fucking fortune. Yeah okay, I could have made may way around Jaipur on public transport but that takes time and I didn't really want to spend that long here on account of it being, y'know, a bit uninspiring. Another option [...]

The Pink(ish) City

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is known as the Pink City which I was later told is because when the Prince of Wales visited the city sometime in the 1800's they painted the whole bastard place pink to welcome him which is a slightly grand and random gesture. He'd probably have been happy [...]

Things To Do In Bundi

There are many things to do in Bundi but most of them I didn't get around to doing on account of ending up with my head in a bucket throwing up whatever my various internal organs could produce. I'm not even shitting you, it's like my body was on a mission to expel everything I'd [...]