Cornwall 2014

Land of cream teas and pasties and yeah, I pretty much had to be rolled out of Cornwall. With guest appearances from the very much non-Cornish locations of Cheddar Gorge, Lyme Regis and Stonehenge.

Happy Solstice

I promised myself when I moved back to the UK that I’d treat it as a destination. I wouldn’t let reality suck me in and I’d see as much of the country as possible. I’d refuse to get stuck in a rut, routine would not control me, I would remain as free as a bird. […]

A Little Walk And A Beach Day

Most people know about Boscastle on account of that time it flooded and I don’t mean the locals got their toes a bit wet whilst watching Corrie and eating their fish and chips one night. It fucking flooded. We’re talking homes and businesses destroyed, cars washed out to sea as torrents of sewage infested water […]

A Little Jaunt Across Bodmin Moor

So today we would be navigating Bodmin Moor. Well, Tarrant would be navigating. I would mostly be eating cookies and Instagraming because if navigation was left to me we’d end up in the middle of nowhere huddled round a fire, fending off badgers with a fucking stick. We wanted to check out the highest point […]

A Couple Of Driving Days

Ok, so when we’d first put today’s plans into Google Maps it told us that the drive time alone would be six hours. That’s a fuck tonne of driving and that’s not even taking into account stopping and looking at shit. There was only one thing for it; Get up at 4am and get on […]

The Eden Project

Ah, the Eden Project. Arguably the shiny, dome shaped, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene jewel in Cornwall’s big, grassy crown. Yeah nah, that analogy made more sense in my head. But anyway, it’s one of those must-visit things and one of the reasons we’d chosen Acorn Camping to stay at (aside from the fire pit, the price and […]

Exploring Cheddar

It actually doesn’t take a shit tonne of time to get to Cheddar from Cornwall even when your sat nav is trying to kill you because you forgot to turn off the “no motorways” option. Oops. But a spot of tinkering and a minor nervous breakdown later and she was taking us on to all […]