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Escape To Nature

I'd struggled to find a lot of information on how to get to the various areas in the Miraflor Nature Reserve. The Lonely Planet, increasingly a source of useless bullshit, insisted that accommodation should be booked through Treehuggers. Of course the Treehuggers website wholeheartedly agreed with them and all my research kept bringing me back [...]

No Other Reason Than To Chill

We did attempt to do things in Matagalpa. We didn't intend to be lazy, chicken-munching (not a euphemism) slobs but we found a grilled chicken place on our first night so we pretty much ended up spending quite a lot of time shovelling that into our greasy chops like we were raised by wolves. Matagalpa [...]

Today Is Gonna Be A Volcano Day

We hadn't even emptied Cerro Negro out of our shoes before we were off up another volcano; Volcán Telica. It's a popular sunset spot but there's also an option for camping and we do love a spot of camping. A couple of agencies run this tour, we went with Volcano Day on account of the [...]

The Other Colonial City

Alright, so, fun fact, the ferry that takes you to Big Corn on Wednesdays and back to Bluefields on Thursdays is a lovely, big, stable ferry that looks like it has "staying afloat" on its list of things to do today. The ferry that brought us to Big Corn on Saturday is a tiny, rocking [...]

Scuba Is Better Than Beaches

I'd originally only booked two day dives and a night dive but pretty much as soon as we descended on our first dive at Long Rock I knew I was going to go again the following day. The viz was amazing, the coral was beautiful, with the water being a toasty 28°C I didn't even [...]

Holiday Within A Holiday

It took us the best part of two days to get here but fuck me, it's worth the trek. Little Corn Island is everything you want a Caribbean tropical paradise to be. The water is clear everywhere you look, even where the pangas dock. There are palm trees for days. It's sweaty hot too which [...]

How To Get To Little Corn Island

If you're literally just here to find out how to get to Little Corn Island then jump straight to Useful Shit. This isn't a recipe blog, you don't need my life story. But I feel like this two day mission needs a blog all of its very own so when I'm old and decrepit I [...]

Volcano Swimming

I did consider filing this one under Granada's Murder Mountains on account of the fact it's a fuck off great big lake in the caldera of a volcano but Apoyo hasn't erupted for over 20000 years which pretty much makes it extinct. Plus we packed up all of our shit, left our lovely air conditioned [...]

Other Shit To Do In Granada

Granada is the oldest city in Central America and the only reason it's not the capital of Nicaragua is on account of the fact it was basically at war with León about who should have that honour so eventually they were like, fuck it, Managua can be the capital, now stop your arguing. We liked [...]

Granada’s Murder Mountains

I was mildly hungover from the previous evening's rum related indulgences. My womb had chosen today to engage in The Wringing and felt like it was twisting itself into impossible shapes in order to expel that pesky lining it insists on producing every fucking month. It was a bit breezy today and the lake was [...]