Morne Seychellois National Park

We decided to rent a car for the last couple of days just so we could cram more stuff in really. Nothing too strenuous, just a little bit of sightseeing, perhaps one walking trail, mostly beaches. I'm sure the public bus would take us to everywhere we wanted to go but we didn't want to [...]

A Bit Of Underwater Mahé

Tarrant doesn't dive but on account of her being The Best Girlfriend In The World™ she gives no shits if I abandon her for a day to go and make bubbles. I thought twice in one holiday might be pushing it but I think she likes having the day to herself to sacrifice her epidermis [...]

A Morning In The Capital

We bussed to Victoria, the capital, on Saturday and spent the morning at the National Museum of History learning all about the history of the islands right from when it was frequented by pirates, through being claimed by France, all the way to independence. Turns out France claimed the islands by putting a Stone Of [...]

Takamaka Rum Distillery

It's not been too much of a chore, being on Mahé. We arrived on the Thursday after a relatively sane ferry crossing from Praslin, everyone seemed to retain their stomach contents and I even managed to get a nap in rather than sitting bolt upright, staring straight ahead, gripping onto the armrests for dear life [...]

A Day On La Digue

Ah, La Digue. The epitome of chill. An island of very few vehicles, most of which are electric. So how does everyone get around this little slice of paradise? Fucking bicycles. I knew there had to be a trade off, I fucking hate bicycles. Half an hour on one of those bastards and I feel [...]

Giant Tortoises On Curieuse

Huge fuck off great big tortoises are a thing that exist here in The Seychelles. They're commonly kept as pets which is amazing as long as they're treated properly. We were told that back in the day anyone could have one but there ended up bring so much mistreatment with these beautiful animals being kept [...]

Butt Nuts & Beaches

Everywhere you look in The Seychelles you'll see images of a coconut that looks suspiciously like a massive arse. It's the nut of the Coco De Mer which only grows naturally in two places in the world; the islands of Curieuse and Praslin. Yeah okay they are grown elsewhere these days, but if you're going [...]

Heading To The Seychelles

We'd accidentally booked Business Class. I say accidentally, we'd started checking out flight prices to the Seychelles once we decided that we weren't going to finish the hike and did some serious soul (and savings) searching after we saw the price of the return flights for the dates we wanted. Anywhere between £1400 if you [...]