Hot Springs & Waterfalls

We'd seriously considered not heading to Malargüe yesterday because we really liked Valle Grande but fuck me, I'm so glad we made that 200 kilometre dent in the journey. The mighty Ruta Nacional 40 is the stuff of legends. It's the kind of road people do just too say they've done it. Y'know, like Route [...]

Monemvasia, The Big Rock

In my twenty-odd years of driving I've never seen so many people casually driving down the middle of narrow roads, at speed, on a blind corner. It's utterly fucking terrifying. Greek drivers are maniacs. I've been crawling around the hairpin bends, we've met so many drivers coming the other way and they don't even try [...]

Mystras Vs Sparta

We'd fully intended to pack up our worldly belongings into the car then head to a campsite in Mystras near Sparta to explore the area, but Camping Gythion Bay was just too fucking lovely. Mystras was less than an hour's drive away and if we stayed here it'd actually put us closer to our next [...]

Show Caves & Murder Towers

We'd heard tell of some show caves and we're quite the fans of show caves so that's where we headed first this morning via a bakery in Areopoli for the caffeine necessary to jump start our basic motor functions. Possibly should have done that before driving a car but so many people here drive so [...]

So Cold It Burns

Somewhere between Ancient Olympia and Kalamata is a river, and this river has made several pools ideal for swimming assuming you have no nerve endings, and there are little waterfalls, and also a big waterfall, and maybe more shit but that would have involved a level of scrambling that someone with the balance of a [...]

The Very First Olympics

So there's this rooster near where we stayed in Stemnitsa, which is actually fine because there's always a fucking rooster it seems and we're kind of used to it now. But every time the rooster crowed it triggered a dog which started howling. So our nice, rural alarm clock that we'd become accustomed to suddenly [...]

Some Time In The Mountains

So we had all these convoluted plans to get buses to bigger towns then rent a car to do a little section of smaller towns in the surrounding area with shit bus links, slowly making our way across the Peloponnese until we ended up in Ancient Olympia. After that we'd head north via Patra. Then [...]