Salta & Around Part 2

On account of the fact we didn't really know how we wanted to tackle Salta we'd only booked two nights in the flat so we were brutally forced to move to a hostel for another two nights when we decided to just stay in the city and pay people to take us places and show [...]

Salta & Around Part 1

Us: Yeah we're not really big city kinda people, y'know?Also us: Omg we just LOVE Mendoza though! *heart eyes*Yeah so Mendoza has been fantastic. Of course we've been focused on the centre but it's got so many green spaces breaking up the busy city roads, and they're nice green spaces too with water features and [...]

The Meander North

It is 1500 kilometres, give or take, from Esquel to Mendoza so you can imagine that we had exactly zero desire to rush that. As much as I love driving, any more than six hours behind the wheel can bugger right off. We intended to stick to ruta nacional 40 the whole way back up [...]

Still Not Bored Of Lakes Then

As we drove into Bariloche the other day we saw paragliders swooping down from the hills and we thought, what a fucking incredible place to be really high up! Then we wondered if it was available commercially but we couldn't see any offers in town amongst the rafting and the Circuito Chico, so we did [...]

Land Of Lakes, Beer & Chocolate

It feels like a bit of a waste leaving Copahue in the dark just because the whole area is so fucking beautiful. The extra cold morning air causes the steam from the thermal pools to billow high into the air. At one point it was so thick it was like driving through fog. As the [...]

Hot Springs & Waterfalls

We'd seriously considered not heading to Malargüe yesterday because we really liked Valle Grande but fuck me, I'm so glad we made that 200 kilometre dent in the journey. The mighty Ruta Nacional 40 is the stuff of legends. It's the kind of road people do just too say they've done it. Y'know, like Route [...]

Getting Wet

One of our favourite things to do is bum around in a car with a tent, exploring places and pitching up in the evening at a campsite. I love bus travel too of course, it's also a great way of moving around, but the freedom of being able to cram all of your shit into [...]

Soup Of The Day Is Wine

I'd read that of you wanted to travel Patagonia in January and February you'd need to think about booking a couple of weeks in advance but I just sort of assumed we'd have to take the hit on some pricey, low standard accommodation. Turns out you'll be lucky to get a bus and might find [...]

Living Ice

You'd think we'd have had enough of glaciers by now but here we were in a cute little Patagonian town whose sole tourist attraction was a large chunk of ice about 80 kilometres away in the Parque Nacional los Glaciares. Perito Moreno Glacier isn't the biggest glacier in the national park which protects a whopping [...]

A Lake & Not Quite A Glacier

With a couple of days spare in Ushuaia we figured we'd go put some more stuff in our eyeholes. Lakes and glaciers and the like. Laguna Esmerelda, or Emerald Lake, is a very popular walk about a 20 minute drive from Ushuaia. You can take a shuttle so that's what we did, at a weekend [...]