England’s last bastion of legal wild camping. It’s also got all manner of shit you can bag, such as tors and trig points. It’s a collectors wet dream. Because it’s probably going to be raining. That’s why it’s wet. Why, what did you think I meant?

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Here’s a map of places we’ve been and trails we’ve walked. It’s worth noting that just because there’s a right of way marked on a map, Dartmoor may not provide you with a defined trail and you’ll likely end up tits-deep in tussocks.

I copied this map of the tors on Dartmoor from Tour By Tor then added all the trig points myself. Green means we’ve bagged that bad boy.

Princetown – Red Lake – Wind Tor

Two Nights On Dartmoor

Well Dartmoor started off well enough with lovely, defined trails and well placed stiles that were taller than we are. For all intents and purposes, Dartmoor was a fucking doddle, despite the clouds looming closer, the kind of clouds you don’t really want to see when you’re just embarking on a three day hike with…

Foggintor – Burrator Reservoir – Hen Tor

Dartmoor Again

If you go to Dartmoor and don’t end up tits-deep in tussocks hell bent on demonstrating which way your ankles aren’t meant to go before depositing you in a bog, did you even go to Dartmoor? We’d decided not to do battle with the bank holiday traffic because we’re not complete masochists and instead left…

Skaigh Woods – Sourton Tors – Scarey Tor

Trigpointing And Tor Bagging

Day 1 I fucking love Dartmoor, but my basic motor functions? They’re not so keen. We generally try to be on the road by 4am rather than doing battle with the previous evening’s traffic, but have you ever tried cramming a bacon butty into an unwilling stomach which doesn’t understand why it’s required to function…