Malta 2019

Apparently you can’t just go off gallivanting around the world for several months on a whim. Something to do with jobs and responsibilities and blah blah blah. You can, however, fuck off to a tiny island nation for a week and try and fit as much in as you would on a months long trip before probably collapsing with exhaustion.

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Not including our flights, accommodation and car rental we spent £442 each. Our flights and accommodation were booked as some manner of package deal. We went with a hostel so we could self cater and save money then proceeded to spend £82.18 on eating out anyway, and only £34.24 on groceries. We spent £39.77 on booze.

Sightseeing: £88.93 each, including the Heritage Malta multi-site pass.

I spent £119.14 on SCUBA diving with Cresta Diving Centre.

Transport: Buses are €1.50 per trip in the low season (€2 in the high season). We spent £3.81 on buses, £17.03 on petrol and £9.79 on ferries.

Everything else was just miscellaneous shit.

Fishing Boats And Stone Age Temples

We chose Malta before we researched it on account of it being really fucking tiny. Seriously, you could stand on one side and spit to the other. I mean, don’t, because that would be gross. But you could. We wanted an entire country that we could potentially see in a week and given that the…

More Temples And A Sod Off Great Big Church

Today we’d be heading to the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum and we figured we’d get a bus to save us dicking around with parking. As we loitered outside waiting for it to open, periodically wiping the grit from our eyes that the brutal fucking winds sweeping across the island kept depositing in there, Tarrant asked, “What…

Wreck Diving In Malta

The diving gods must have been smiling on me when I booked my day of diving a few weeks ago. Yesterday the winds were so bad there would have been no way to safely enter and exit the water but today was beautiful and calm with not a cloud in the sky, though I was…

A Day Of Purposeful Meandering

We fully intended to walk every inch of Comino today, the tiny, car-free island between Malta and Gozo, but it seemed the ferries weren’t running, possibly on account of the fact the winds of the other day had started up again. We got to the ferry terminal (the Gozo one is obvious) and were directed…

A Rainy Day On Gozo

We were up at an hour even the ubiquitous sparrows would have raised a sleepy eyebrow at to catch an early ferry over to Gozo with the intention of watching the sunrise from Malta’s smaller sister. Yeah nah so that wasn’t going to happen. As we sat in the small queue of cars to board…