Roraima 2010

I have absolutely no fucking idea what I thought I was doing when I booked onto this six day organised hike up to the top of Roraima Tepui and back. I’d literally sat there in Manaus, recovering from shingles, as travellers heading north to south, fresh from Venezuela, sat in the common area tending to their poor, blistered feet and applying bucket loads of anti-itch cream to their puri-puri bites. The whole thing sounded utterly miserable.

I think the FOMO got the better of me and I ended up handing money over to Backpacker Tours based in Santa Elena which is the jump-off town for Roraima then spending the ensuing hours scurrying around town in search of a heavy duty plastic liner for my backpack, a ridiculous yellow poncho, and gloves for the scrambly parts. Bloody scrambly parts. I don’t even like scrambly parts. What was I thinking?

Well this is shit.

I ended up being a pretty awful six days. In the final blog post I wrote:

“I can’t say that enjoyed every minute and I’m confused as to why I parted with money for this level of discomfort, there are certainly cheaper ways to cause yourself pain. Right now I’m not sure if it’s really worth it. Ask me in a few days time when I’m warm and dry and walking resembles real walking again and not the pained movements of a crippled penguin.”

Usually you filter out the bad shit and view the past with rose tinted lenses, right? No. Ten years on I still use this trek as the benchmark for all misery. Cold and wet? Is it as bad as Roraima? You’ll be fine. Utterly fucking sad and miserable? Is it as bad as Roraima? You’ll get through it. Trapped your hand in the car door and have to try not to cry in public? Yeah but it’s not Roraima though is it?

But would I do it again? Yeah, probably, because apparently I am a complete fucking masochist. I’m also a lot fitter now and hike regularly. I know what clothes to wear to make being near-permanently soaked more bearable, I’m more used to multi-day hikes and carrying my own gear up massive bastard hills, and hopefully I won’t just have had shingles.

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