South Downs Way 2022

We’re kicking off our Epic Trek 2022 with the South Downs Way, our local trail. We live in Brighton and we’ve hiked the shit out of pretty much everything east of Chanctonbury Ring. It’ll be nice to kick off a 2000 mile or thereabouts journey with the familiar rolling hills of the Downs. Okay so they’re not as dramatic as your fancy northern hills but they’ve got their own charm and I’m very fond of them. I will likely get very little sleep on wild camping nights though, I know how busy the Downs can get with humans and cows. I don’t like cows. Or humans for that matter.

BUDGET for one person, based on two sharing
Accommodation: £26.93 for a night in Winchester
Transport: £19.91 for an Uber, train, then bus to the trail head
Groceries: £61.83
Booze: £2.75
Coffee/tea/soda: £15.70
Donation: £2.50 to Pyecombe Church as we camped in the porch
Grand Total: £129.62
Daily Average: £21.53

Day 1 – Eastbourne to Firle(ish)

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Day 2 – Firle(ish) to Pyecombe

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Day 3 – Pyecombe to Storrington

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Day 4 – Storrington to Didling Hill

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