Wales 2016

We headed to Wales intending to have a holiday full of hiking with minimal boozes. Turns out that wet shit falls from the sky with alarming frequency and Wales has a lot of micro breweries so we ended up doing precisely the opposite of what we intended.

A Stroll Up Mount Snowdon

It is very important to consume appropriate quantities of bacon when getting up at god awful hours because everyone knows that bacon contains all the nutrients necessary to stop your body clock from going into shock upon the discovery that there are, in fact, two 4 o’ clocks in a day. We wanted the early […]

Portmeirion And A Lesson In Welsh Weather

It was a bloody lovely day when we woke up and the Met Office assured us it would remain so until around 3ish when it would cloud over and possibly rain. “Fuck it! ” we thought, “Let’s wear shorts!” Yeah. Do not, under any circumstances, believe the weather forecast in Wales. It is compiled by […]

A Trip Around Anglesey

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, and yes, I copied and pasted the shit out of that bad boy! And no, I still have no fucking idea how to say it. It doesn’t help that Welsh letters are pronounced differently to English letters. I’m trying to pick up a bit of Welsh while we’re here, I’ve started to recognise a […]

Llechwedd Slate Mines

On account of our unparalleled skills for getting lost even with a satnav we left the campsite stupidly early to get to the Llechwedd Slate Caverns to take advantage of their 20% discount offer if you went on a tour before 10am. “Llechwedd” contains three consecutive sounds across two syllables that make a non-Welsh speaker […]

North To South Wales In The Pissing Rain

I rank taking a tent down in the rain as one of the most miserable things you can do that don’t involve running out of tea. I woke up a few times in the night and heard the rain belting down on the tent which meant my brain demanded I had to lie awake for […]

Coasteering For The Day

Whilst we were sat in The Old Mill yesterday chucking a Waen Beer each down our necks we called up Celtic Quest Coasteering and booked ourselves in for a couple of hours frolicking in waves because we weren’t piss wet through and cold enough already. As it turned out though the weather wasn’t that bad […]

The Smallest City In The Country

It was, like, 9.30am when we did a dodgy looking slow drive past Caffle Brewery. We pulled over and shuffled up to the wall, peering over it, looking for signs of life in the large, stone house which looked like it could have been a school at one point. We were wondering if we should […]

Castles, Beer & Beaches

We were way more prepared this morning than the last time we moved campsites, having packed up most of our shit the previous night like ultra efficient packing machines. It wasn’t pissing rain either which helped massively with the whole not killing each other thing. Once we were packed we had a little stroll around […]

Brecon Driving Circuit

I’ve been dying to explore Hay-on-Wye, the second hand book capital of probably the galaxy, because I fucking love books. I love how they smell and how they feel, and if I can get hold of a book I really enjoy I can smash it out in a day which doesn’t bode well when you’re […]

Stuff To Climb, Stuff To Drink

We had such big plans for Brecon Beacons. Tarrant worked out a huge circular walk taking in the beautiful rolling hills that’d take most, if not all, of the day given my penchant for sitting down. But you know what scuppers hiking plans? Apart from sheer laziness? Weather. The fucking weather scuppers hiking plans but […]

Welsh Industry & A Day In The Capital

We were going to spend our last two nights in Wales with a friend of mine, Rhi, and their wife so we duly packed up camp and started to make our way to Cardiff, but if you’re going to spend any length of time in south Wales you should probably check out Big Pit National […]