West Deane Way 2021

It’s Bank Holiday weekend, I have the Saturday off work which is unheard of, what should we do to avoid the masses of humans in a country where it’s currently illegal to go abroad? We’ll go to Taunton. That’s what we’ll do. Turns out no one goes to Taunton which is weird because it’s lovely. The West Deane Way is a 45 mile circular walk starting and finishing in the Somerset town, so we thought we’d do that and spend two and a half days being glared at by cows.

Accommodation: £0, we wild camped both nights.
Groceries: £27.96 each for food for the whole hike, plus the all essential car snacks.
Booze: £5.75 each for a cheeky bottle of brandy.
Parking: £8.20 each. Obviously would double if you were alone.
Petrol: £16.85 each. Assuming you’re driving a 1998 Vauxhall Corsa from and back to Brighton.
Grand Total: £58.76 each
Daily Average: £19.59 each

Taunton To Brompton Ralph

STATS Day: 1 Distance walked: 18 miles / 28.97 kms Weather: Mostly sunny, occasional shower, threat of rain. It’s so rare that I have the Saturday of a Bank Holiday weekend off that we really wanted to do something with it, but what? Where could we go in a country full of people unable to…

Brompton Ralph To Wellington

STATS Day: 2 Distance walked today: 19.2 miles / 30.9 kms, including a jaunt into Wiveliscombe to have a poo and grab a Red Bull. Distance walked so far: 37.2 miles / 59.87 kms. Coldest temp last night: 1.8°C Weather: Mostly cloudy, sometimes sunny, got rained on a couple of times. So here’s a fun…

Wellington To Taunton

STATS Day: 3 Distance walked today: 7.73 miles / 12.44 kms Distance walked so far: 44.93 miles / 72.31 kms. Coldest temp last night: 8°C Weather: Overcast, wind really starting to pick up. God that was a good night’s sleep! I didn’t even get up to pee which is unheard of given the fact I…