Just Quickly…

I’m in Bangalore on account of the fact it seemed like a vaguely sane place to book a train back up to Mumbai from. The fact that trains have to be booked half your life in advance means you have to hazard guesses about where you might want to be at some distant point in the future, so now I’m here. I’ve had a look at Tipu Sultan’s old place, the guy who was involved in the four Mysore wars against the British firstly with his father, and then leading the wars himself. Apart from that there’s to much else here to look at but a wander through the narrow streets just south of where I’m staying was pretty interesting.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Also I saw a car rear end an ambulance, a horse bite a kid that was trying to manhandle it around a corner it didn’t want to go around, a rickshaw I was in at one point had to swerve and skid to avoid a car that the driver didn’t realise had stopped, and a cow tried to steal my crisps. Bangalore is tiring. So I’m having a night in with English language shows on AXN, some Romanov and Thums Up, a packet of banana chips and a biriyani that contains some manner of dead stuff they claim to be chicken from the dodgy looking dhaba across the road from the hotel. I’d question the wisdom of doing this the day before I have to be on a train for 23 hours if it didn’t taste so fucking goooooood!

Because sometimes, all you want to do is stay in and upset all of your internal organs.

Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka, India
Stayed at some manner of hotel I found after a bit of wandering around which I don’t recall the name of but it was named after some manner of deity.

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