Isle Of Wight Coastal Path 2020

Our first foray into the world of not-exactly-legal leave no trace wild camping. We very deliberately didn’t plan this in detail in order to see if we could wing it, and to put me out of my control-freak comfort zone and possibly give me a minor nervous breakdown.

The whole blog is below but there are also relevant blog links on the pin-drops on the map because there’s a pandemic happening and I have nothing better to do with my life other than create maps on Google.


We spent £175 each on this hike. Most of that was groceries at £39.08 but fuck knows how, we pretty much just ate crap with the nutritional value of a spanner for six days.

Our train from Brighton to Portsmouth Harbour cost £27.70 return and the ferry over to Ryde Pier Head cost £16.60 each way.

Pubs and cafes: £34.65.

Booze: £23.40.

Souvenirs: £11.97.

Accommodation: Sod all. We wild camped and left no trace.

Isle Of Wight Coastal Path Days 1 & 2

Day 1 : Ryde to Gurnard : 12.7 miles (inc. detours for food and toilet stops) On account of the fact that Portsmouth isn’t a horrific distance from where we live we figured we might as well get a train there to avoid driving round the city in increasing circles trying to find somewhere to…

Isle Of Wight Coastal Path Days 3 & 4

Day 3 : Fort Victoria to Grange Chine : 16 miles (inc. popping up the road to the shops for a resupply) Camping in woods is amazing in that it’s so bloody warm. I’m a cold sleeper, in fact I’m a cold human in general and end up spending stupid money on wool because if…

Isle Of Wight Coastal Path Days 5 & 6

Day 5 : Bonchurch to St Helens : 14.3 miles (inc. a detour down the beach in search of a place to camp, and a trip to the pub) I think it did rain a little bit last night, I definitely woke up at least once to the sound of rain pattering on the tent,…