South America 2010

I rocked up to Buenos Aires looking every inch the tourist to begin my adventure around South America, my worldly belongings strapped to my torso and the “look at me, I’m totally lost and vulnerable” look plastered across my face, able to conjugate exactly one verb in Spanish and ask someone when their birthday is. I might as well have had “Please Rob Me” tattooed on my forehead. I’ve no idea how I even made it to my hostel in one piece. What commenced was an epic eight month adventure packed with waterfalls, fried street food and leg-numbing hikes. I loved every sweaty second of it. Apart from maybe Roraima. That was fucking miserable.

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The whole thing started here in Argentina

¡Hola! Erm… No Hablo Español…?

At the risk of sounding like a filthy hippy, even leaving a country can be a journey, albeit an emotional one, maaan. Two of my closest friends, along with my mrs came to the airport with me and waited around with me until it was time to clear security. It was one of the hardest […]

I didn’t spend as long as I intended in Paraguay

Taking The Show On The Road

Ah my very first bus ride in South America and shit, do Argentina know how to lay on a bus ride. They have five comfort levels ranging from your basic common or garden bus right up to fully reclining seats that’d have Qantas’ best first class efforts hanging their heads in shame. I opted for […]

Iguazu Falls kicked off an epic seven weeks in Brazil

Argentina Has The Falls, Brazil Has The Views

Well goodbye then budget, it was nice knowing you. I only got to Brazil three days ago and already I’ve managed to cane over R$300 (reais) which is about £110. Then again I did get to the national park and promptly hand over R$180 for a helicopter ride over the falls or Cataratas Do Iguaçu […]

Venezuela, one of the most beautiful countries I visited

And Exactly What Are You Doing In Venezuela?

I admit it, I was already a wee bit stressed about Venezuela after all the stories of police corruption I’d heard from travellers that were passing through Manaus fresh from the country, but I had my little heart set on a few places and with the political situation in the country rapidly deteriorating (don’t ask […]

I need to re-visit Colombia, it’s got so much cool stuff

Well That Was Overrated

I’d been trying to ignore the fact that Venezuela and Colombia weren’t talking to each other as I travelled though the former on the way to the latter. The two countries have never been particularly fond of each other and shit went down a couple of days after I got into Venezuela causing Chavez to […]

Ecuador; another country I didn’t spend long enough in

Journey To The Middle Of The World

So I’ve left the land of coffee and entered a country where they drink their coffee instant which is a bit of a push for someone who only started drinking coffee because obtaining a decent cup of tea was a mission to rival the search for the Holy Grail. Thanks for the coffee addiction, Colombia. […]

Peru is full of incredible ruins from ancient cultures

Chimú Ruins And Ugly Dogs

Got to Peru. Tried to log into Facebook. Fail. Someone had hacked it and changed my password. They also got to my Hotmail, Skype and this blog (2019 Edit: This blog used to be hosted on the now defuct Travelpod) which they deleted but yay for Jacques at Travelpod, he restored it all and let […]

Bolivia is amazing and the salt flats are an absolute highlight

The Death Road

The Plan Cross the border on the first tourist bus I’d ever caught, complete with an English speaking stewardess who would tell us which stamp to get and where, and all whilst the bus waited for us to complete the formalities. Get food with a couple I met on the island hopping tour whilst marvelling […]