Temples And Talents

That thing where a temple won't allow photography and to enforce this they look inside your bag, advise you to submit phones and cameras to the cloakroom along with your bag, put you through a metal detector then thoroughly frisk you and check inside all of your pockets. I'm not even shitting you. Unless you [...]

Okay Delhi, Bring It On!

Fuck yeah, Delhi Metro! I think I might love it a little bit. Not only can you get a one day Tourist Card for ₹150 (₹50 of which I got back when I returned it), it's like some manner of safe haven. No one wants to sell you anything or show you a tourist office [...]

Welcome To India

I fully intended to get the Metro to Paharganj from the airport. I strode purposefully towards it, following the signs as a bloke fell into pace with me and asked me if I wanted a taxi. I declined, for I, sir, was catching the Metro! He asked me where I was going. Central? Did I [...]