Day 67 – Merridge to Bridgwater

Every time I lay down last night enough snot to flood Wales seeped out of my left nostril so I resorted to plugging it up with tissue. That helped and I slept the sleep of the dead. We'd pitched very close to the farm so we knew we'd have to get going but oh my [...]

Day 66 – Nettlecombe to Merridge

Neither of us slept well on our slopey woodland pitch last night. I kept sliding down my slippy mat in my slippy sleeping bag and what the fuck is it with technical sleeping gear that it always has to be so bloody slippy? Here’s a group of people that’ll throw a tent or tarp up [...]

Day 65 – Minehead to Nettlecombe

Obviously we didn't leave Minehead until gone 11am, if you give us a check out time then damn right we'll cling onto that room as long as we can. Plus everything we were meant to do yesterday got replaced with having a very cold, very tasty pint of much needed beer because that's what happens [...]

Day 64 – Culbone to Minehead

Today's the day! We're going to smash out the last twelve miles of the South West Coast Path! Straight there, no faffing! We packed the tent down whilst trying to swallow as few tiny flies as possible and made our way through the woods to St Beuno's Church which was going to be our last [...]

Day 63 – Trentishoe to Culbone

Last night's pitch was actually okay despite reservations we'd end up crumpled at the bottom of the tent, or our pegs would trip someone up. No-one actually walked by and it turned out to be perfectly acceptably slopey. We were woken up at about 4.30am though by an angry deer barking at us. I guess [...]

Day 62 – Bull Point to Trentishoe

The first part of today was fucking lovely albeit a little cow infested. There was plenty of flat that you could get a pace up on insomuch as various injuries would permit, and the hills were the perfect level of hilly. Not too steep, steps designed for actual humans rather than beings consisting entirely of [...]

Day 61 – Braunton to Bull Point

It's sort of the law to have a lazy morning when you wake up at a campsite or a B&B or basically anywhere that you slept legally. We enjoyed unfettered access to our respective caffeine sources, charged our shit up, utilised the facilities with gusto then eventually we tore ourselves away and hobbled the 1.5 [...]

Day 60 – Rest Day, Braunton

We fully intended to bag a trig about a mile and a half up a fuck off big hill today but my poor feet were still battered. They were all puffy and sore, no way was I moving off this sofa until I absolutely had to on account of imminent starvation, or because I was [...]

Day 59 – Appledore to Braunton

Me: "Well that hill can fuck right off! Far too big and steep and and and… hilly!"Also me: "Ugh, fuck my life this is so flat and tedious. God I'm so bored. I wish there was a fucking hill or something." Boat graveyard near Appledore. I have so many questions. We relished having access to [...]

Day 58 – Peppercombe to Appledore

We woke up in our nice, dry bothy and packed away as the rain pattered down. I was quietly smug that we'd stayed here last night and now didn't have to pack the tent down in the rain. I was less smug about the fact that we now had to go out in the rain [...]