Day 85 – Brompton Crossroads to Buttington

Just a nice, short day today. An uneventful jaunt across a lot of farmland with pretty hills in the background. It was largely flat for the first part too, aside from one surprise hill which annihilated my poor, abused calf muscles which still hadn’t forgiven me for yesterday, then a couple of big inclines at the end before the descent into Buttington.

Please enjoy these poppies. I do love a random poppy patch in a wheat field.

This is the thing isn’t it, it’s lovely having these fantastic, clear trails but then what do I complain about in my blog? What do I write about? Saw some nice wheat today but I didn’t have to force my way through it to find the right of way. Climbed over some perfectly serviceable stiles and didn’t have to battle with nettles on the other side. Retained all of my flesh because it wasn’t overgrown with brambles. It’s not quite the same.

Bit more dyke there for you.

It was definitely a day of stiles though. We keep crossing paths with a German woman called Luzie and she’s counting the stiles and gates she goes through. Today totalled over 80. It bloody felt like 80 too but at least they were mostly well built and maintained. See? Where’s the story in that?

We eventually approached the hills we knew were coming. They weren’t the most fun I’d ever had but they were nothing compared to yesterday. Luzie had already caught us up, overtaken us and powered up the ridiculous hill which followed a road for a while. We caught back up with her sat on a log having a rest and joined her for a spot of lunch before a lovely woodland walk and the final hill up to Beacon Hill.

What do you get if you cross a sheep with a cow?

This is quite cool. It’s an Iron Age hillfort that’s never been excavated and they’ve planted conifers in amongst deciduous trees so in winter, from the air, you can see it spell out EIIR in tribute to the Queen. Reading the information board though it seems they want to restore it to its former state which was meadows. At the moment it’s one of the very few places we’ve seen along this trail where you could squeeze in a cheeky little wild camp.

We had no plans to wild camp though, we’d booked ourselves onto the campsite behind the Green Dragon pub in Buttington. That hill though, fuck my life, I felt like we were walking down it for three days. It didn’t help that a few of the fields had been spread with muck. See, I think I’m ready for that country life until I remember muck spreading is a thing that exists. I coughed and gagged my way through to the road as Tarrant, the woman who’ll preemptively scream if a nettle waves within three feet of her, accused me of being dramatic.

Heading down down down into Buttington.

We’ve got a massive fucking day tomorrow, around 21 miles, so we fully intended to eat at the Green Dragon as well as sleep there. We’d also fully intended to not drink alcohol until Prestatyn but we will insist on booking accommodation behind a boozer. We shovelled dead things into our chops and watched the demise of Boris Johnson’s cabinet on the huge TV in the pub. Well today was already much better than yesterday.

Day: 85
Day on LEJOG: 44
Day on Offa’s Dyke Path: 8
Distance walked today: 12.4 miles
Total walked so far: 1043.85 miles
Weather: Overcast with a threat of rain that never came
Coldest temp last night: 16.88°C inside / 13.31°C outside
Trigs bagged: 1
Trigs to date: 57
“Have you read ‘The Salt Path?'” (Running Total): 10
Tick tally: Tarrant 3 ; Claire 4

Jump to “Useful shit to know…”

Brompton Crossroads, Shropshire, England to Tal-y-bont (Buttington), Powys, Wales

Stayed at: Green Dragon, Buttington

The Green Dragon. They’ve got rooms, glamping yurts, and space for tents and campervans. Toilets and showers are basic but fine. The shower is actually quite good but would imagine there’d be queues if they have enough people camping. The pub is nice, does alright food at Brighton prices. It’s expensive to camp here if you’re solo though. We were charged £18 for the pitch which is great, but Luzie was charged the same. They charge per pitch, not per hiker.

Useful shit to know…

  • There are no amenities in Brompton Crossroads and there’s nothing until Buttington.
  • Buttington has the Green Dragon for food and accommodation, and not a huge distance from there is Tuffin’s Supermarket and a McDonald’s.

BUDGET for one person (based on two sharing)
Accommodation, Green Dragon: £9
Groceries: £30.91
Dinner at Green Dragon: £22.23
Grand Total: £62.14

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