Day 88 – Llangollen to Llandegla

Today was actually quite enjoyable for a few reasons. Firstly, the variety. We started off with the classic, lush, green Welsh hills, then it suddenly got wilder with scree covered slopes rising up above us up the right and sweeping down to the left. Lovely, but the path was very narrow and slightly terrifying, the drop to the left just a little too droppy for my liking.

One of the less terrifying sections.

It did get much less bum clenchy, then we swung a left and made our way across paving stones set in what looked like a peat marsh. If the slabs weren’t there no doubt we’d be tits deep in bog. This led us into a huge area set up for… I’m going to say mountain biking but I’m not overly au fait with the various cycling disciplines. I don’t cycle. Half an hour on a bicycle and I feel like I’ve been kicked in the cunt for three days.

Thank fuck for paving slabs.

The trails were fantastic but shitting hell, the cyclists were fast! We’d obviously look both ways and give way at junctions but they belt up behind you and give you very little chance to get out of the way. The fact it’s a Saturday meant they were out in force too, it was a nerve wracking albeit pleasant section that steered us through a pine forest.

The best thing about all of this? It was crammed into eight short miles. After the woods it was an easy walk through sheep infested farmland then along the road to the campsite. We were there by midday. We pitched and unpacked then headed to the Llandegla Community Shop & Café to resupply and to shovel food that isn’t snack bars into our chops. I’m quite looking forward to not surviving on snack bars, not going to lie. The shop and café are staffed mostly by volunteers and are well worth supporting.

We could get far too used to this.

The sun came out for the afternoon so we offered up our top layer of skin for a good crisping, lounging outside of our tent, moving around to escape the shade from the tree we’d pitched next to for maximum UV. We just chilled and chatted to Luzie, enjoying the weather. Tomorrow would be a different story though, the less sun the better, please. It would be 18 miles and we’d been told it was up down up down up down with no shade at all. We decided to get the earliest start we thought our basic motor functions could manage and I tried not to cry as I set the alarm for 4.30am.

Day: 88
Day on LEJOG: 47
Day on Offa’s Dyke Path: 11
Distance walked today:  7.92 miles
Total walked so far: 1083.67 miles
Weather: Good walking weather in the morning, breezy and cloudy. Good lounging weather in the afternoon, sunny and clear
Coldest temp last night: 17.38°C inside / 14°C outside
Trigs bagged: 0
Trigs to date: 58
“Have you read ‘The Salt Path?'” (Running Total): 11
Tick tally: Tarrant 3 ; Claire 4

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Llangollen, Sir Ddinbych (Denbighshire) to Llandegla, Sir Ddinbych (Denbighshire), Wales

Stayed at: Llyn Rhys Campsite, Llandegla

Llyn Rhys Campsite. We booked ahead online on their website but Luzie just rocked up and didn’t have a problem getting a spot despite it being the weekend and incredible weather. It’s quite a large site. The showers are amazing. The woman who runs it is fantastic too. It’s a really lovely site and only about ¼ of a mile from the trail.

Useful shit to know…

  • The Crown Hotel in Llandegla is currently closed and it honestly doesn’t look like it has plans to open though opening times are listed on Google.
  • The shop in Llandegla doesn’t have an amazing selection but it has enough. Tarrant struggled for snacks as she can’t have dairy. The café is really cute though.

BUDGET for one person (based on two sharing)
Accommodation, Llyn Rhys: £10
Groceries: £26.25
Lunch at Llandegla café: £7.98
Grand Total: £44.42

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