A National Park & A 4×4 Adventure

We absolutely did not set out to have such an epic day. I've not been so tired since I took a load of seasickness tablets during a trip to Antarctica. Did I mention we went to Antarctica? Oh yes, it's going to be like this for a while now, I'm pretty sure I'm going to [...]

The Journey South

Argentina is really, really, utterly fucking massive. We knew we'd be spending many, many hours on buses but hopefully this will be the longest stint we'd have to do without breaking it up with something fun. First, we had to get from Puerto Madryn to Rio Gallegos. It was meant to be a 17 hour [...]

Christmas In Puerto Madryn

We wanted to just chill somewhere for a week over the Christmas period because fuck trying to work out logistics in the midst of a Catholic country preparing for the birthday of their dead lord, and we figured a tourist town like Puerto Madryn would do it. There's shit to should we desire to do [...]

A Trip Around The Valdes Peninsula

We'd come to Puerto Madryn to lay low in a lovely beach town but it's probably against some manner of law to not visit the Valdes Peninsula whilst you're here. It would probably have been cheaper to do a tour but we're trying to avoid close proximity to other humans and their various disease carrying [...]

¡Vamos Argentina!

I don't know if you noticed but Argentina went and won some manner of international competition and we were in Buenos Aires when it happened. I didn't want to just not mention it because it was absolutely-fucking-lutely epic! We'd taken an obnoxiously early bus from Colón that morning because we really wanted to be in [...]

Hot, Moist Colón

We had five spare days to play with so after a spot of research we decided to spend it in the hot, moist riverside town of Colón about five hours north of Buenos Aires and we regret absolutely nothing. As soon as we arrived at our accommodation we felt like we were on holiday. I've [...]

A Bit More Buenos Aires

Sunday is open air market day in San Telmo which is basically wonderful morning of trying to resist purchasing all manner of little artsy things and cute signs for around the house. We don't have a house. We don't even have a fucking fixed address. I don't need crocheted cacti or a novelty drinks coaster. [...]

The Joy Of La Boca

I actually really like Buenos Aires despite it being a really rather large, polluted city. I remember liking it last time I was here too, there's plenty to see and do, you could easily end up hurling yourself headlong into a non-stop tourist whirlwind, pausing only to wave your camera at another tango dancing couple [...]

An Old Jesuit Ruin

We got to San Ignacio late morning after an easy five hour bus journey from Puerto Iguazù. It's got a weird, wild west feel to it but, like, if the wild west didn't have any people. We checked into the first hotel we came to on account of the fact my guts were trying to [...]

Why Yes, I Would Love More Waterfalls, Please

There are five species of tucan in the Iguazu National Park. We saw exactly zero of the elusive little fuckers. Fortunately that's not why we were there, we wanted to gawp at Iguazu Falls a little bit more. We actually put it off for a day and spent an extra night in ultra touristy Puerto [...]