Back To My Happy Place

Our eyeholes were in for such a fucking treat today, guys! The mighty Iguazu Falls, the absolute crown jewels of… Argentina actually. The vast majority of the waterfalls aren't in Brazil at all, if you want to get all cosy with them then you're on the wrong side if you're approaching from Foz Do Iguaçu. [...]

Catching Up With Friends & Family

You know that thing when you're on your holidays and you discover a local food or drink that you can pretty much only get there and nowhere else and it's so utterly life changing you know there'll be a hole in your soul yearning for this one thing for eternity when you return home? Yeah [...]

How To Milk A Rubber Tree

Yeah I know, day four of a three day jungle trip. Maths was never my strong point… I was meant to leave yesterday after rice, beans and over-salted meat time but I was easily coerced into an extra night with the promise of the paddling yesterday afternoon. Anyway, my extra night also got me a [...]

Day Three Of The Jungle Tour

By the time I emerged from my swinging pit, coffee was already on the table and pineapple had already been peeled and chopped. I fuelled my new caffeine and fruit addiction, picked at my new bites and became slightly concerned about the spreading rash on my back I'd been ignoring. Hmm. It wasn't that big [...]

In The Jungle, Brazilian Amazon Edition

Edit, 22/04/2020: This post was written back in 2010. Since then I have educated myself a lot more with regards to animal tourism and I now understand that yanking animals, in this case caimans, from the wild to maul them for our own entertainment is not in any way acceptable. I would never go on [...]

I’m (Mostly) On A Boat

Well there aren't many roads up in this part of the world are there which means your transport options are limited to air travel which is quick and only requires your first born as payment or, for miserly buggers like myself who prefer a bit of scenery with their relocation, boat. River travel is the [...]

If You’re Fond Of Sand Dunes

If you're fond of sand dunes then Parque Nacional Dos Lençóis Maranhenses is the place you want to be on account of the fact its pretty much made entirely of sand dunes with a few rain water swimming holes thrown in just to make you really happy. Upon rocking up to Barreirinhas, the gateway to [...]