One Last Stop In Costa Rica

On account of the fact we're hemorrhaging money right now we decided to choose between La Fortuna and Monterverde rather than doing both, then we'd head to the border and get into Nicaragua which would (hopefully) be a bit cheaper. We went for La Fortuna on account of the fact we'd already seen some nice [...]

A Treasure Trove Of Nature

It was a day of nod-sleeping on two buses between Puerto Viejo and Manuel Antonio. I don't know what it is about bus travel but it absolutely knackers me, more than if we were actually doing something productive. It's only two buses though, pretty straight forward, with an Uber between two terminals in San Jose [...]

Monkeys & Lizards & Snakes, Oh My

Yesterday was probably the quickest, easiest border crossing I've ever had the pleasure of doing. The whole thing took about half an hour including a brief detour to have an expensive wee. There were no queues on the Saturday morning. We were stamped out of Panama, walked over the bridge, were stamped into Costa Rica [...]