Day 13 – Rest Day, West Lulworth

I'm so glad we decided to take today off. Not only are my poor, battered legs a bit stiff today but my arms are bloody killing me, probably from where I was using my poles to drag my unwilling carcass up hills and clinging onto various fences for dear, sweet life. I think I have [...]

Day 12 – Dancing Ledge to West Lulworth

TLDR…Eyeholes: "Oh my fucking god will you JUST LOOK AT THAT VIEW?! I can't even <3"Camera: "Meh. S'alright."Brain: "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SO CLOSE TO THE EDGE ARE YOU INSANE?! That's it. Sit down. You're not going anywhere." Winspit. A popular spot for a little party it seems. In an absolute stroke of [...]

Day 11 – Bournemouth to Dancing Ledge

Well I 100% didn't need all that alcohol I drank last night, and I definitely felt like I had more than four drinks. This was possibly the reason it took so bloody long to get going today despite the fact we didn't have to take a tent down. We needed breakfast and a Mug Shot [...]