A Rainy Day On Gozo

We were up at an hour even the ubiquitous sparrows would have raised a sleepy eyebrow at to catch an early ferry over to Gozo with the intention of watching the sunrise from Malta's smaller sister. Yeah nah so that wasn't going to happen. As we sat in the small queue of cars to board [...]

Caramoan Island Hopping – Part 2

With Matukad being closed our boatman tried for another island but we were shooed away by Survivor security. He exchanged a few words with the boy then started heading towards a cove on the mainland which looked way too populated for our liking. There was even a fucking house there. Our guys didn't speak much, [...]

Lake Titicaca

At 3820m, some say it's the highest navigable lake in the world. Some say that's a load of bollocks but whatever, when you're travelling from Peru to Bolivia (or vice versa) Lake Titicaca is a handy place to cross the border and it'd be rude not to check out the islands on the way for [...]