Day 7 – Rest Day, Winchester

In an uncharacteristic show of restraint we didn't try and cram everything in Winchester into our eyeholes in one day like the massive tourists we are. Instead we decided to be selective, and allow time for other things such as lunch, and actual resting as this was, in fact, our rest day. We figured we'd [...]

Day 6 – Old Winchester Hill to Winchester

The day started with large quantities of judgemental sheep glaring at us as we shuffled our way to the first trig of the day. All I wanted to do was look at a lump of concrete and they made me feel like I'd got home too late after getting drunk, tripped over the expensive rug, [...]

Day 5 – Didling Hill to Old Winchester Hill

So we had to make a decision; do we take it easy between here and Winchester and give ourselves another three days? Or do we beast through and do it in two? We only had 33 miles to go. Even us with our tendencies to plod and stop a lot to gawp at scenery like [...]

Day 4 – Storrington to Didling Hill

We've been dragging our unwilling carcasses out of bed at some ludicrously early hours, not out of any burning desire to watch the new day dawn but that's a happy side effect. We get up early because we're not meant to be there and I'm terrified we'll get a bollocking off an angry local. I'd [...]

Day 3 – Pyecombe to Storrington

I don't think I've ever woken up in a church on Good Friday before. I'm surprised a godless heathen like myself didn't burn up as soon as I laid out my sleeping bag. I slept so bloody well though, probably a bit too well, we slept through our alarm and I woke up with a [...]

Day 2 – Firle(ish) to Pyecombe

I didn't sleep well at all last night. We were pitched on a slight slope and my mat is slightly slippy and my sleeping bag is slightly slippy which meant I frequently woke up crumpled at the bottom of the tent. Also I never sleep well on the first night of wild camping. Every single [...]

Day 1 – Eastbourne to Firle(ish)

We'd decided to start our trip with the South Downs Way as it's our local trail and we've wanted to do the whole thing for ages. We also decided to start with the Beachy Head loop on account of it taking in the Seven Sisters which absolutely offer some of the best views in Sussex, [...]