Thanks For The Good Times, Varkala

I'm a sucker for a view, me. Any chance to get up high and have a look around and I'll probably take it provided it doesn't involve me edging too close to a sheer drop that doesn't accommodate a nice, stable handrail given my balance or lack thereof. And the best way to get a [...]

Slow Down Before You Hurt Yourself

Well yesterday was pretty hectic. Though to be fair, "hectic" by Varkala standards basically means "I got out of the hammock and remained upright for more than twenty consecutive minutes." This in itself results in collapsing dramatically into a chair at one of the restaurants and asking for a Kingfisher Gold in between gasps as [...]

Non-Denominational Holiday Wishes

Generic non-denominational forced holiday happiness wishes to y'all. Despite the photos I didn't spend my whole afternoon frolicking in the waves. Mainly I spent it stuffing various food products into my facehole at the Coffee Temple which is run by an English dude, ergo managed to produce a suitably satisfying roast lunch, before I went [...]

Taking It Easy… Even More So Than Usual

I feel like everything has slowed right the fuck down since I got to Kerala. Everything. My natural walking pace has gone from "relaxed amble" to "practically backwards" and my food consumption speed has had to be re-designated "acceptable rate of shovelling," two notches down from the previous "rapid inhalation." The locals are so friendly [...]