Days 47 & 48 – Rest Days, Newquay

We really have done very, very little here in Newquay which was pretty much the point. There are a metric fuck tonne of things to do here from diving to surfing to coasteering but none of this is conducive to combating this fatigue we’re both feeling, and last time we went coasteering I cracked my knee so hard I could barely walk. The last few days have been fucking hard work, way harder than they should have been given how generous the trail has been with the flat bits. Admittedly, it’s strewn the flat bits with ankle breaking rocks but we’ll take what we can get.

The breakfasts at the Smuggler’s Rest though! ❤️

We’ve tried to eat well. On Sunday we got a Meal Deal from Tescos and instead of butties, crisps and Red Bull we got salad, carrot sticks with hummus, and those fancy juices that claim to have all manner of alien things in them such as vitamins. Apparently vitamins are necessary for not feeling like a bus hit you then reversed back over you for good measure. I’ll admit that the carrot sticks are still in the fridge. They may or may not remain there for the duration.

I’ve spent a lot of the last two days trying to take selfies with dogs.

My appetite has returned with an absolute vengeance though which I’m really pleased about. After Sunday’s salad with a side of more salad we realised that it really wasn’t going to cut it and grabbed a Footlong each from Subway for second dinner. I even pretended to myself I was going to save half for later. Cute. I inhaled the whole thing in one like I was raised by wolves.

I’ve taken delivery of my new Thermarest, and just in time because my old one had burst so many baffles it looked like an alien was about to break out and suck our faces off, and waterproof socks. Thought I might give Dexshell a go seeing as I can’t get more than a few wears out of Sealskinz before they fail, but I guess they’re not made to be worn literally all day for a shit tonne of miles. I’ve also bought a new waterproof jacket from Millets, I’ve gone for a Berghaus Stormcloud. I feel like it’ll let water in through the zips but the online reviews are all really good. Of course I’m secretly hoping it won’t rain at all for the next four months so if anyone has a small goat or a virgin they’re willing to sacrifice to the weather gods I’d really appreciate it.

New things!

We’ve stocked up on decent ankle supports for Tarrant and a cheap knee support for me because I’ll probably only wear it when Tarrant makes me and then I’ll sulk the whole time. We’ve bought some K Tape too, and loads of Nurofen Plus. If our joints are going to insist on acting their age then we’re going to have to batter them into submission.

I’ve also spent a lot of time administering belly rubs.

Aside from grocery shopping and buying up things from Boots that we’re desperately hoping will help us walk more than 1000 miles without crying, we’ve mostly just been lying in bed staring intently at our phones. I’m very behind with this blog so I’ve been trying to remedy that. Tarrant has been scrolling through reels on Facebook which, to be fair, is one of her favourite hobbies. If we ever buy a house she probably knows enough DIY now to renovate the whole thing.

Pretty sure the Queen knows the cream goes on first!

But we’re back on it tomorrow. It’s half term this week, and Thursday and Friday are special Bank Holidays for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Newquay is already jam packed with humans, far too many of which are clutching body boards without any fucking awareness of where the edges of said body board are. It’s more carbon based slabs of flesh and hair than we’ve been around for a while, we’d very much like to get back on the trail.

Day: 47 & 48
Day on South West Coast Path: 37 & 38
Day on LEJOG: 6 & 7
Distance walked today: 0 miles
Total walked so far: 640.16 miles
Weather: Sunday was mostly sunny with a bit of cloud towards the end of the day. Monday started off pissing rain then cleared up.
Trigs bagged: 0
Trigs to date: 39
“Have you read ‘The Salt Path?'” (Running Total): 7

Newquay, Cornwall, England

Stayed at: Smuggler’s Rest, Newquay

Smuggler’s Rest. The room itself was great; comfy bed, clean shower, little fridge, and tea and coffee. But it’s the family that make it. When they found out Tarrant can’t have dairy they gave her some oat milk to keep in the room so she could have milk in her coffee. They were all so lovely and helpful. The three staffies are fab and one of them always wants belly rubs. Then there’s the breakfast. Cooked to order, you can have an absolute gut buster of a full English if you like. 100% recommended.

BUDGET Day 47 for one person (based on two sharing)
Accommodation, Smuggler’s Rest, Newquay: £32.73
Groceries: £8.50
Stuff from Boots: £7.55
Souvenir: £1
Pint at Slug & Lettuce: £5.15
Subway, Newquay: £5.99
Grand Total: £61.91

BUDGET Day 48 for one person (based on two sharing)
Accommodation, Smuggler’s Rest, Newquay: £30
Stuff from Boots: £8.23
Groceries: £16.60
Post office stuff: £3.60
Concho Lounge, Newquay: £17.15
Grand Total: £75.58

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