Quite A Pricey Cuppa

We'd seen signs for a walk yesterday not far from the two trails we did called Sendero de los Quetzales which sounded like it would offer a pretty decent chance of wrapping our eyeballs around the flappy green fuckers. Though we did do a whole walk called the Toucan Trail and we didn't even get [...]

I’ll Chase As Many Waterfalls As I Like

The journey from Santa Catalina to Boquete is a four bus, eight hour monster but public transport in Panama just works. You only have to show up. Guys will ask you where you're going and point you in the right direction or put you on the right bus. They mostly run quite frequently with one [...]

Under The Sea

You can tell by the plethora of dive shops in Santa Catalina that making bubbles under the sea is the done thing here, or more specifically an hour boat ride away at Coiba National Park. I wasn't sure what to expect, I'd been told the diving was worth the eye-watering price tag but to be [...]

A Bit More Time In The Hills

After six hours of travel we pretty much spent our first afternoon in Santa Fe trying to locate places we could eat without bankrupting ourselves. We couldn't find anywhere to stay with a kitchen (we found out after that there are at least two hostels with kitchens, just not on the booking apps) so we [...]

With Apologies To My Legs

It was a three bus mission to get from Farallón to El Valle but it was, surprisingly, a piece of piss, if you consider being crammed onto a minibus for half an hour a piece of piss. The bus that took us from the Farallón turn off to Las Uvas looked full but they magicked [...]

Hashtag Beach Life

I fucking hate sand. Tiny little particles of evil that get into all of your holes without an invitation. Ugh. My butt crack chaffs just thinking about it. I fucking love beaches though so you figure that one out if you can. Clearly I'd much rather have a lovely sunbed to keep me away from [...]

Panama City, We Are In You!

Panama City, we are in you! And as Panama is on the North American continent that's officially it, seven out of seven! Just don't go inventing any more continents please, science. My bank balance can't handle it. We arrived at a very respectable hour on the Sunday but I was the kind of tired where [...]