India & Nepal 2014 – 2015

The most incredible trip in two of the most amazing countries. You can’t really prepare for India, you just have to sort of show up and try to get used to it. The noise, the chaos, the poverty. This is all offset by some of the best food you’ll ever apply liberally to your facehole, and the genuine warmth of the people. Not the ones that work in tourism though, they want all of your money and will lie to your face to get it. As for Nepal, it feels calm in comparison, and the Nepali people are so friendly, and those views! Those mountain views will take your breath away. Assuming the altitude hasn’t already done that for you.

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Welcome To India

I fully intended to get the Metro to Paharganj from the airport. I strode purposefully towards it, following the signs as a bloke fell into pace with me and asked me if I wanted a taxi. I declined, for I, sir, was catching the Metro! He asked me where I was going. Central? Did I […]

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This Is My Last Resort

So back in 2009, me and my sister did our very first bungee jumps together in Queenstown, New Zealand. Since then I’ve needlessly thrown myself off various structures in the name of adrenaline but Nat hasn’t and as soon as we’d confirmed that we’d be meeting up in Nepal to walk up a massive fucking […]

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I headed back into India after Nepal to explore the north

City Of The Golden Temple – Part 1

There’s nothing like waiting for a train in India to make you feel like you’ve got three heads and 10 metre tentacles instead of arms. There I was, sat on my bag on the platform at Bareilly, when someone asked me where I was from. I looked up. Guys, I was surrounded. Literally 360 degrees […]


For some reason I stopped counting after I left Nepal and entered India the second time, possibly had something to do with carelessly misplacing my phone on a bus, but up until then I spent £3348.73 (not including the Everest Base Camp Trek which cost over a grand on its own). Most of this (£828.58) was on food. I have no idea how I’m not the size of a whale.

My second biggest expense was accommodation at £724.02.

Entertainment: £651.58. This includes everything from the rhino safari at Chitwan to bungy jumping to sunrise tours and everything in between. Caves, palaces, forts, the lot.

I managed to spend £502.75 on booze. A lot of it was probably that horrific 8% stuff too. I’m lucky I still have brain cells.

Transport: (not including flights in and out of India, or my flight from Leh to Delhi as I’d stopped counting by then) was a total of £287.76 which if you think about the distances I travelled is really two tenths of fuck all.

Everything else was just living expenses. Medication, toiletries, phone credit, souvenirs. That sort of shit.