South East Asia 2017

This was the first big trip I took with the mrs and yes, we’re still together. You never know how these things will pan out do you? Okay, so we get on just fine at home sat on the sofa binge watching Star Trek whilst shovelling Doritos into our chops, but would this translate well into living in each other’s pockets for weeks at a time in Tropical heat? You learn a lot about yourself and your limits when you travel, and we learned that we function well as a team. We also learned that there will literally be no mystery left in your relationship when you’ve spent the night in very close quarters whilst one or both of you projectile your stomach contents from one end or the other.

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Well You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere

Right. We made it then. And if anyone ever finds themselves flying with Garuda Indonesia you probably will not be sad about it, especially if you like food and booze being handed to you by attractive people which is actually one of my favourite hobbies. Anyway, you know that thing where you know it’s going […]

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The Superest Trees In All The World

Singapore is the perfect antidote to the trauma (*dramatically presses back of hand to forehead*) of spending the best part of two weeks face down in a pool of your own rancid sweat because your left lung somehow managed to pick up a dose of fucking pneumonia somewhere along the line. Only my left lung, […]

First post from The Philippines, we started in Sagada

Another Little Mountain Town

In all of my infinite wisdom I booked us a super early flight from Singapore to Manila, the method in the madness being that we’d get to spend a whole day in Singapore then head to the airport and not have to fork out for a night’s accommodation but it turned out there is more […]

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Kinabalu National Park

This is probably the first time my sister has come to meet me overseas and we haven’t done something utterly terrifying like a bungy jump or a skydive or a trek up a fucking hill to altitudes that your respiratory system would most definitely not approve of. She did want to climb Mt Kinabalu but […]


In total we spent per human £3754.50. Most of that was on, it seems, entertainment in one form or another. We threw £847.01 each at that. This includes everything from Borobudur to activities at Danum Valley, gawping at Orangutans or visiting waterfalls.

Accommodation: £755.09, but that was more often than not based on two sharing.

Food was £575.71, booze was £493.88.

Getting around cost us £494.25 each. That doesn’t include any flights though, they came out of a separate budget and were mostly bought before we left the UK so I didn’t log them.

Everything else was all just day to day shit. Toiletries, phone credit etc. The usual stuff you need to function as a member of society.