Bite Sized Adventures In The UK

A collection of bite sized adventures that occur during that “annual leave” thing people tend to do in order to furnish their Instagram page with photos that don’t involve black and white selfies with the cat. Mostly involves being damp in a tent.

Check out the map if you’re looking for a certain thing, the pin drops have the relevant blog post attached.

Isle Of Wight Coastal Path 2020

Our first foray into the world of not-exactly-legal leave no trace wild camping. We very deliberately didn’t plan this in detail in order to see if we could wing it, and to put me out of my control-freak comfort zone and possibly give me a minor nervous breakdown. CLICK HERE for the first post, or there’s only three so you could just tap on the image for the lot.


Every now and then we go to Dartmoor where we mostly end up tits-deep in tussocks and questioning all of our life choices.

Hadrian’s Wall Path 2019

Our first self-organised multi-day hike during a week off. Colleagues raised an eyebrow and suggested we have a long, hard think about what constituted a holiday. CLICK HERE for the first post, or tap the image for the whole thing.

Wales 2016

We headed to Wales intending to have a holiday full of hiking with minimal boozes. Turns out that wet shit falls from the sky with alarming frequency and Wales has a lot of micro breweries so we ended up doing precisely the opposite of what we intended. CLICK HERE for the first post or click the image for the whole blog.

Cornwall 2014

Land of cream teas and pasties and yeah, I pretty much had to be rolled out of Cornwall. With guest appearances from Cheddar Gorge, Lyme Regis and Stonehenge. CLICK HERE for the first post or click on the image for the whole blog.